frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How quickly do you ship?

    A: We ship all order within 24 to 48 hours. We are very well known for our shipping speed!

  • Q: What country are you based in?

    A: The United States

  • Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Yes but we have a weight limit for shipping internationally.  We will ONLY ship packages 3 ounces and under  internationally.Please click on the “shipping” tab on our homepage for more information. If you want to order over 3 ounces of productinternationally you must email us at Sales@HellHotPeppers.com and tell us what you want and we will send you an invoice with the registered international mail price.

  • Q: How much is shipping?

    A: Shipping is a flat rate of $3.00 no matter how many seed packs you buy. Pods, powders, and plants are based on shipping weight. You can always preview your shipping charges before buying. International buyers pay a flat shipping rate of $3.00 on seed orders.

  • Q: I am new to growing. Do you have any information on how best to germinate my seeds?

    A: Detailed growing directions are sent with every order. For best results, follow them closely. It will make a difference.

  • Q: Are your seeds fresh?

    A: Absolutely! We start with fresh seed every season.

  • Q: Do you wholesale your seeds?

    A: Yes we do but there are order limits that must be met. Please view the “wholesale” link at the top of the homepage for detailed information. We wholesale in “bulk” only.

  • Q: Do you sell plants?

    A: We sell plants during certain times of year. The website will be updated when plants are available.

  • Q: I received my plant but it was damaged during the shipping process, what do I do?

    A: Email us a picture of the damage to sales@HellHotPeppers.com within 24 hours of delivery so we can take care of any issue quickly.

  • Q: I am having a technical issue with the site or need help checking out/finding an item/need shipping upgrade, etc…. What do I do?